Frame & Object Restoration

Porcelain and Object Restoration

Marco Polo Studio offers restoration to both porcelain and ceramic objects. With an extensive knowledge of adhesives, composites and surface coatings, we will care for your piece properly. Restoration includes:

  • Stabilization of loose and failing elements
  • Shattered porcelain or china repair
  • Re-creation of missing pieces
  • Harmonization of color tones
  • Surface coatings
  • Waxing and preservation of exterior sculpture in bronze, stone and more.



An antique painting is usually best in its original frame, or a period frame. We can restore your frame to its former glory or a complete rebuild.

The guiding principle of frame restoration is to return the object to its original form, or at least to a near semblance of it. Wherever possible, all vestiges of the original should be preserved, as such elements are valuable clues to the original appearance of the object and are the reference point for any frame restoration effort.

Our studio can bring back the life of any frame regardless of condition.  Whether a small repair, or a complete rebuild we look forward to answering any questions you might have.

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